Youtube isn't everything

HI, when launch date comes for the new clothes, I will be active as all heck for this blog.  For now, you have me giving an update about what I'm trying to do here.

I'm excited for life.  I've been on Youtube pretty hardcore for the last 2.5 years.  It has become my main source of income, which blurs the line between love and must.  I made that up, and I feel like it sounds stupid.  I feel like when you "must" do something, like how I "must" upload a video everyday, it's hard to get into the creative space of doing the video how I want.  I've watched videos and barely remembered editing them.  Not sure if that's healthy.  

When I am in the mood, to put all my creativity on film, there's nothing better.  I film a video exactly how I like, I tell a funny story, and I can make some people happy!  The goal the whole time was to be able to make enough money to skateboard for as long as I want.  Luckily the skills i've acquired through this wonderful world of skateboarding, allowed me to be a decent video maker.  

The point is, I'm excited about this brand.  It's extremely personal, and I have a feeling it will attract the exact people that believe in what I do.  I wanna build a community of beautiful individuals who have the ability to make change, and could use a little assistance.  It seems we all wanna do good, it's time that I start.  Well, at least try.  First blog post!  the pressure of hitting "publish."  Cheers to the times current and ahead.  We got a lot to do, and nothing excited me more. 

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