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HUMANS!!!  Hello my dear friends, thanks for hanging out, being here, and being pretty and stuff.  If you're interested about me, I have a youtube channel that showcases a lot of my persons, that you can peep.

I will give a brief summary here.  I'm a mixed boy from South Carolina, living in California to catch the perfect waves bro.  I really am the cheesy story of someone who wanted to be surrounded by a more accepting culture of skateboarding and race, and California is pretty dang hot for that.  At the end of the day, I move around a lot hoping to be the most effective I can for the community I love.  It makes me happy to feel useful, and I hope I can make some other people smile or laugh or cringe.  

I'm not 100% on what I'm aiming for most of the time, but it seems like I keep stumbling on new opportunities, because I'm super open to hearing about a cool side of life that has made someone happy.  It's hard to keep this brief...

Progress Daily is a company I started.  Right now we're selling clothes, and it's going great!  There's an amazing community that believes in the message of trying to improve a little everyday.  Slow progress is still progress.  I wanted something bigger than myself, that can cause a bigger impact, and hopefully trick some bigger industries into thinking we're cooler than we are, and maybe they'll involve us is helping raise funds, or create an impact, for those who have trouble seeing a bright future for themselves.  Ultimately, I'd like to do what I can for the planet I live on, for the creatures that live here.  Thanks for hanging out, progress daily, and keep killing it!